Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa Review

Game Information

Original Title: 色に出でにけり わが恋は

Release Date: 29th April 2010

Producing Company: Windmill

Scenario Writer: 平内太平衛

Artists: こ~ちゃ、鳴海ゆう


Our protagonist Yuuto lives at a prestigious shinto shrine and attends a high-class former all-girls high school with his childhood friends. One day he returns home to find a strange maid at his house and tells him that the Tenjou family will be holding a competition to determine who will become the next head of the household and that it is Yuuto’s job to oversee this competition. The two people taking part are sisters Kikyou and Rio. During the fight, Yuuto goes to save a penguin that had somehow been caught up in the fighting and ends up kissing Rio, who promptly faints from embarrassment. Because of this, the fight is called a draw and will be rescheduled. The next day, Rio arrives at Yuuto’s shrine an announces that she’ll be moving in to  overcome her embarrassment so that she’ll be able to beat Kikyou!

Okay the story sounds pretty ridiculous, although it’s not really because hardly anything seems to happen at all! The common route is really quite fun and the character interactions are also amusing and quirky. However, the character routes are ridiculously short and basically just have some H scenes and like no romance at all! This is not what i want from a chara-ge, especially not one with a subtitle like “My deep love shows in the blush on my face” – there was a lot of blushing going on but not much love. There were also 6 routes in the game, when there should have been 4 really. Kaede’s route is even shorter than each of the routes for the four “main heroines”‘. However, Tomone’s route was pretty much a random H scene. I mean, if you’re going to write sub character routes then please at least make them slightly more than that! Yeah, this game was very disappointing in regards to story. Especially considering the game hardly ever mentioned the competition between the sisters again.


Tenjou Rio

The younger of the two Tenjou sisters, she had lived in the UK for quite a while before she returned for the competition. She is quite a playful character and gets on well with the rest of the cast. She’s also deadly to wake up in the morning.

I was expecting a tsundere ojou-sama but Rio didn’t really deliver in the tsundere department. I found her wanting to conquer her embarrassment really funny but when she became a dancing dog-like character, i had to draw the line.

Tenjou Kikyou

Kikyou is the older of the Tenjou sisters and is the student council president, plus she’s considered to be a model student. She also owns a garden on the roof of the school where everyone usually hangs out. She also enjoys to tease Misono.

I actually liked Kikyou and she did have a quirky side to her. She also had a really nice BGM that played when she turned up.

Suzueda Komachi

Komachi is the first of Yuuto’s childhood friends and is also in his class. Her family own a bakery and she quite often tries to bake breads for Yuuto to try out since she really wants to take over the shop in the future. She also helps Yuuto out at the shrine.

Komachi was pretty cute and i liked her twintails, plus that Miko outfit is super cute on her. She was pretty generic though.

Misono Misono

Misono is the head maid of the Tenjou family and she takes great pride in her position, she’s also the maid who meets Yuuto at the start of the game. She carries around dangerous weapons (which are apparently standard issue for maids of the Tenjou family). Every morning, she comes around to Yuuto’s in order to wake Rio up (which is a much harder job that it sounds).

Yes, that is actually her real name. Misono probably had the least romance in her route, which was a shame since i quite liked her. She can be very scary at times though! Those snowmen at the ends of her headband are super cute.

Harukaze Tomone

Tomone is another of Yuuto’s childhood friends, she’s a year older than him though and gives off a “big sister” aura. She’s pretty mysterious really and you only really see her when she comes to save Kaede whenever she faints.

Poor Tomone, despite having a “route” (of sorts) you hardly get to know anything at all about her. She may as well have been a side-character.

Yuzuna Kaede

Kaede is the third and final childhood friend of Yuuto and even though she’s a year younger than Yuuto, she’s very energetic. Although, she suffers from Anemia and faints quite a lot (which is when Tomone comes to the rescue!). She also has a big passion for penguins.

Kaede is cute, although i really have no idea what-so-ever about how her energetic personality and anemia really work. Her penguin costume is so cute though!


The artwork is definitely the main selling point of this game, i find the style to be very “moe” and there was plenty of lovely artwork (especially considering the length of the game). However, some of the cgs were a little simplistic and a couple had odd proportions. If you liked the artwork in other eroge from Windmill then you’ll like the artwork in this.


Song: Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa by Rekka Katakiri

The opening song is pretty nice and i’d gladly listen to it more than once or twice. The only other BGM which i really liked was Kikyou’s theme which was really relaxing. The rest was pretty generic and nothing stood out (including the ending song). The voice actors all did a pretty good job and i liked everyone’s voice.


The title screen was quite nice and i also liked the quirky design of the textbox. This game was in full widescreen too which was nice, especially for a game over a year old (was this perhaps one of the first eroge to be in widescreen?). The amount of customisation was really nice too and you could even change the textbox design. After you complete a route, the “extra stories” for that character becomes unlocked. These were quite funny. There was also a sprite viewer which was fun to mess around with for a while.


Story: 10
Characters: 11
Artwork: 18.5
Music: 12
System: 20

Total: 71.5

Final Thoughts

Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa was probably one of the weakest chara-ge i’ve played, which is quite surprising since Windmill are quite well-known for making decent games like this. The production values in this game are really high though. If the character routes had managed to capture the fun shown in the common route, then this could have been a really good game. However, that didn’t happen so there’s no way i would recommend this to anyone actually wanting some romance in the routes.

P.S. Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you all more great eroge and some more icha icha time with all the wonderful bishoujos out there!

9 thoughts on “Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa Review

    • Well, i would expect a chara-ge to actually have some kind of character focus, or even some kind of real route for the heroines xD Plus, the game failed to deliver on the only plot element introduced (the fight between Kikyou and Rio).

  1. Happy New Year! May this year be filled with lots of bishoujos to capture!

    Despite it’s flaws, I found campanella to be quite a fun game so when I read this one last year I had expectations for some really nice romance driven character development and instead what I got was… Well, you surely get the idea.

    Ko~cha’s art is the only good thing about this game, IMO. Everything else is just horrible. Plot? Was there any to begin with? Characters were fun at first but then, they suddenly became really annoying, down right stupid plus they had near zero development. The route were only there to promote the h-scenes. I really have no idea what the write was trying to accomplish with this game unless he intended to bore the players to dead.

    Truly a pity, ko~cha’s talent was wasted on this title.

    • Yeah, i definitely agree that the artwork was really good. Windmill’s games seem to have gone downhill lately though (especially considering the fact that Hyper Highspeed Genius also got awful reviews). Normally i’d say that the writer bit off more than he (or she) could chew but absolutely nothing of note happened in this game.
      Hopefully their next title with Ko-Cha’s art (Witch’s Garden) will be a lot better (at the very least, the scenario writers have worked on some good games before).

      • I didn’t even bother with HHG.
        Yes, I’m also looking forward to how their next title will turn out. They do have the potential for a decent game.

  2. Happy (belated) new years! I’ve also tried out Denikeri a while back and remember it as one of the shorter eroges I’ve played, which became oddly memorable. Like you have said, Rio turned into a weird dog-like dancing machine when the “trainings” start to hit, couldn’t really take it seriously after :P.

    Though I would like to note that drunken MisonoMisono was really cute!

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