May 2011 Eroge Releases!

Since most of my top eroges were delayed to June, i decided that i would do a post about all the eroges from May.  Since most of the May releases were delayed, there aren’t too many games coming out this month, although most seem to be of high quality and worth a play 🙂

Henshin !!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~

Release Date:  20th May
Producing Company: May-Be-Soft
Official Site

The next game in the “Henshin!” series by May-Be-Soft. The protagonist basically has a  pantsu fetish and is a pervert. Since his imouto left, he had to go and live in the girl’s dormitory. One day, he finds some cat thing called Nanako collapsed on the ground and decides to nurse it better. When the cat thing is well again, it thanks the protagonist by giving him magical powers of transformation that let him do perverse things to girls. The protagonist is delighted and begins his new pervert lifestyle.

Oh god, this really has to be the worst story i have EVER heard when it has come to eroge! May-Be-Soft have a history of producing rubbish nuki-ges so i will definitely not be playing this. I only like H stuff when the girls consent!


Release Date:  20th May
Producing Company:  Noesis
Official Site

The protagonist is part of an internet networking group called  “Unfit to be Human” which is , as the title implys, made up of people who view themselves as “unfit” to be conisdered as a human. Well, this group decides to have an offline meeting, howver, most people end up cancelling at the last moment. The only people who turn up are the protagonist, his childhood friend who he hasn’t seen for a while, a very graceful senpai who is the student council president and a tsundere kouhai who are all from his school. The tsundere kouhai ends up leaving really quickly and the rest of the meeting is very akward. This leaves the protagonist questioning how these girls can  be “unfit to be human” when they look like normal high school students?

Hmm, this game does interest me a tiny bit with the concept of the girls with problems. However, i’m worried that the drama will be overused and seem fake though. Nena is very cute too 🙂

Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori

Release Date:  20th May
Producing Company: Calameliatorte
Official Site

This is the first game from Calameliatorte, this is also an otome game (if you couldn’t tell by the image!). The protagonist (Tiana) runs away from home because her step-mother is really mean to her. She wants to die and thinks that being eaten by a wolf would be a nice way to die. So, she wanders through the forest until she meets a wolf. However, Mr Wolf has no intention of eating her since she’s “too young”. So, Mr Wolf lets her live at his house so that she “can mature”. What will happen to Tiana now?

It’s Little Red Riding Hood – otome style! I was interested in this game very soon after it was announced so i’m really excited that it is coming out! I’ve played the trial too and it was pretty awesome, i appreciate the fact that even the  protagonist is voiced. Also, Fox is amazing – anyone who rides a llama/alpaca to hit on girls is a complete legend in my book!

Sakura no Sora to Kimi no Koto

Release Date:  20th May
Producing Company: Hiyoko Soft
Official Site

There is a legend that says that if the sky is filled with sakura petals then any wish will be granted. However, due to re-development of the town, there is less sakura trees and so this sight can no longer be seen. The protagonist is the son of a famous artist so a lot is expected of him but he decides that he’d rather live a peacful life  with his few friends. However, one day his childhood friend Kanata collapses and is  hospitalised. After this, his daily life starts to change gradually.
This is the story of boys and girls who live while having various troubles.

This story does sound a bit cliche. However, i’m a little interested in it as i do like art-based stories (even though i’m not an artist myself). Also, the charatcter designs are nice although the art does look a little akward in some CGs.
The opening song is really nice too.

Hatsukoi Yohou.

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: I.D.
Official Site

This is the first game from the new company I.D. The story is set in winter when the town is covered in pure white snow which is like a heart which is still pure and has not been soiled. However, this purity disappears as soon as it is touched, The protagonist notices couples together during this season and wonders if they spend  this time alone with each other to enjoy the season. The protagonist would be lying  if he said that he wasn’t lonely at times. This winter, he falls in love for the first time. A bittersweet first love that he will never forget.

This game is essentially a shojo manga in eroge form – this makes me extremely interested since i’m a romantic at heart. I especially like the use of snow – so pretty! The art looks a little old-fashioned due to the way the artist drew the hair and eyes
of his characters. The characters all look interesting too – especially Koume, Shino and Chiyoko. I will definitely be playing this.

Kamikaze Explorer!

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Clochette
Official Site

In the future, climate change is becoming more rapid and the earth is beginning to change. To combat this, some people in the newest generation have been born with powers called “Metis”. Special training schools have been set up in order to train people with these special  powers. One day, the protagonist is recruited by one of these schools despite the fact  that he hasn’t got a Metis. The protagonist makes friends here, gets reunited with a childhood friend and enjoys his school life –  his imouto even transfers to the school to be with him!
However, strange rumours are beginning to circulate the city. Will this change the peaceful life the protagonist has?

As expected from Clochette, this game is a school life game with added magic. The  art and character designs are pretty (although there needs to be more flat-chested  characters!). I’m quite interested to find out how this game will turn out as all of Clochette’s other games have had really good reviews. Fuuka and Saori are relevant to my interests 😉


Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Parasol
Official Site

The protagonist of this game suffers from a very severe phobia of females and can’t even talk to a girl when he meets her for the first time. In order to try and help him out, his cousins Sumika and Asuka invite him to live with them in their  cafe called “Kissa Murakumo”. The protagonist agrees and moves in with them. While in an unfamiliar city and living under one roof with 2 girls, what will happen to the protagonist and his phobia?

Hmmm, this game definitely intrigues me since i want to find out how the  protagonist will manage to meet the heroines even though he has his women phobia. The art for this game is very pretty and the OP song is catchy too. This is  definitely a good game to play for the characters – which i will be doing as Aya, Kyoko and  Sumika are all so adorable!

Akatoki!!-Hana to Mawaseyo Koi no Ishou-

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: escu;de
Official Site

Fandisk to the original game “Akatoki! -Yume Koso Masare Koi no Mahou-“.

I did not play the original (although it is on my very long backlist). Therefore, i will not be playing this.

Yamiyo ni Odore

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Yatagarasu
Official Site

In the world, a certain “power” exists, this “power” keeps the world stable. To keep the “power” stable, the “witch” and the “wizard” must fight. By doing damage to each other, they are actually circulating the “power” and learning to understand
each other.
At the moment, people live in an “isolated period of time” which causes them to fight.

Sorry for the rubbish preview – i really had no clue what this game was about. I’m not really interested in this game but it looks like there is some 3D map movement. Lets hope they can pull it off better than the company TeaTime  (not like that would be hard xD).

Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: AXL
Official Site

The Global PMSC (Private Military Companies) has set up schools in Japan to train the next generation of military staff.
The protagonist has been working hard to fufil a promise to his childhood friend (Yui) – that they will meet each other again. He manages to pass the exams to get into military school but all Yui says when she sees him is
“What did you come here for?!”.
The protagonist is shocked to hear this but has noticed that Yui had lost the smile from her childhood.
Soon, school starts and the protagonist ends up in the “Imperial Guard Division” which is seen as the weakest division, as the other students say “at the very most, you are just a shield”. Even the classroom is of very low standard. However, there is a fighting competition each of the classes can enter in order to get upgraded  school supplies. The protagonist decides to try and win so that Yui can regain her smile. And to prove that the Guards do have the “power to protect” people.

Okay, is it just me or does the class battle thing sound like Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu? Anyways, since this is by AXL, i would expect a fun comedy. I’m definitely playing this since the plot sounds very fun, art is lovely and the characters are all likeable.
The opening movie is really well done too!

World and World’s end.

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Root Nuko
Official Site

For the protagonist, every day is the same – getting up, going to school, doing  homework, going to sleep. The cycle i repetitive and seemingly endless. This is  until some “phantom killer” incidents have unsettled the town and all the religious organisations are saying that this signals the end of the world. Although it seems unbelievable, the protagonist wonders if it’s right to just shrug their opinions off as mere blind belief. This sense of complacency will probably continue though and be protected. It seems like the world will continue as normal – however, does this have a limit?

This game really didn’t interest me at all until i bothered to read the story, now i’m curious to see if a normal life continues or if the world is really headed for the end. This game kind of reminds me about Soshite Ashita no Sekai yori with the themes of the world ending although that most likely has better writing. I may try this out if i have time.


Release Date: 27th May
Producing Company: Circus
Official Site

The next game in Circus’ “RPG Gakuen” series.

Oh lord, why does Circus have to milk every game it makes?! Anyways, i didn’t play the original but i might play this since most of the heroines are cute and that Opening song is so catchy!

Koi dewa Naku

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Shangrila Smart
Official Site (requires a proxy out of Japan)

This is the first game from Shangrila Smart. In this title, there are 2 protagonists: Norifumi (a guy who has enjoyed taking photos since he was young) and Yumi (who is working as a model). The game is a drama told from the perspectives of both protagonists. A group of friends decide to make a film about their school life before their graduation – spending Christmas together, a special Valentine’s day, their everyday antics. However, they all realise just how little time they have before they all go their seperate ways.

Despite the fact that i love pure love games, i’ll admit that this game seems interesting too although they use a lot of photography jargon. I’ll get round to this just to see what Shangrila Smart can offer to the eroge industry.

Taiyou no Promia

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Seven Wonder
Official Site

This is the first game from the comapny Seven Wonder.
The protagonist lives in the town of “Mirusanto” and at first glance seems like your average guy, however, there is some unusual things about him:
1) He has no memory of his past.
2) He has some Baby like thing attatched to him by a bit of string. (xD)
Mirusanto is ruled by a female god whose source of power is six large trees.
However, a darkness has spread around the area whre these power sources are.
One day, he encounters a girl by the name of フレアルージュ (I think her name is Flare Rouge or something) and she and the protagonist go on some journey to protect the world.

This game is basically a standard RPG. i don’t think i will be playing this. I also really do not like the artwork although the opening song is very nice. It must be annoying as hell to have a chibi monster attached to you.

Otome Kairo

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Moviendo
Official Site

“When you found me, love began to move in my circuitry.”

The protagonist has parents who work at this company who are making androids and trying to create Artificial Intelligence. One day, he recieves a maid robot called Alicia. Although, the protagonist appreciates the work that Alicia does, she is very distant to the protagonist. One day, another android appears at his house – named Sala. Although, she is much more innocent and child-like than Alicia. How will the protagonist’s life change now that he is looking after 2 androids?

Ah, this is most likely going to turn out as a light-hearted pure love story, i also get Chobits vibes from the story (which is a good thing). I will definitely be playing this as it will probably be short and sweet, the artwork is of very high quality and the characters are all very cute too!

Vermilion -Bind Of Blood-

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: Light
Official Site

There is an orginasation named Diaspora who control Vampires who suck blood. Diaspora have most control in North America. The story seems to have something to do with a protagonist is hunting out the creatures of the night who killed his family – or something along those lines.

Well, the story certainly is interesting and since it’s light who is producing the eroge then you can be sure that it will be good. I’m not really sure if this is my type of eroge though…

Fukushuu Saimin

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: C:Drive/F
Official Site

Carry out your revenge using the power of “Hypnosis” given to you by a witch!

The earth is ruled by an empire and the protagonist goes to an elite school to train to be a knight of the empire.One day, the school and the town is destroyed by the goverment on behalf of the empire. The protagonist is reaally angry at this and decides to plot against the government. The protagonists’ parents were killed by terrorists too so he has essentially lost everything.
A girl approaches him and asks “Do you really want power? If you do then you can achieve “revenge”. Just tell them what to do in order to get justice.”
The mysterious girl give the potagonist the power to manipulate people with his words.
New hair, a new face, the protagonist approaches the girls who caused him so much pain – but can he really get his “revenge”?

The story to this game sounds very unusual but i really don’t like the hypnosis element as we all know that it will just be used for terrible H things. I will definitely avoid the urge to play this, the opening song is very nice.

Miinasan, Kakkee Desu!

Release Date:  27th May
Producing Company: FIANCEE
Official Site

This is the first game from FIANCEE. The protagonist confesses to Miina and they start dating, Miina is a rich girl who had lived quite a sheltered life but she and the protagonist decide to move in together. However, everyone at school finds out and causes some difficulties. More love rivals also start appearing! Since both the protagonist and Miina don’t understand love very well, only their strong feelings for each other are holding them together. Will this be enough for their relationship to last?

D’aww, Miina is so cute! >w<
This game sounds quite interesting but i would only play Miina’s route in the game since i would feel awful if i cheated on her with someone else! This definitely looks like a promising pure love game.

Kikokugai -Reichin Rinrinshan-

Release Date: 27th May
Producing Company: Nitro+
Official Site

This is the all ages adaption of Kikokugai featuring voices, vertical text, larger screen resolution, redone graphics and new scipting.

I never played the original and i’m not interested in this remake since murder isn’t really my cup of tea.

Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai R

Release Date:  27th May Delayed to 24th June
Producing Company: Navel
Official Site

This is the all ages remake of Oretsuba featuring new CGs, a new heroine (called Kana Nataka) and a route for the popular sub-heroine Ai.

Now, this is a game which i am partially interested in. I’m excited to see that Ai is getting a route since she was the only girl i was interested in. Also, Kana is really cute! However, i’ve been put off buying the game since the anime is pretty crap…
Maybe i’ll talk myself into buying this since i never played the original even though i wanted to…

Liemyx’s Top 9 Eroge Picks for May 2011

1.  Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata

2. Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori

3. Hatsukoi Yohou.

4. Delivara!

5. Otome Kairo

6. World and World’s End

7. Miinasan, Kakkee Desu!

8.  Sakura no Sora to Kimi no Koto

9. A.G.II.D.C.

In all honesty, May seems like a pretty good month for eroge despite the fact that many of the most anticipated titles were delayed. Anyway, thank you for reading! I’m going to get back to work on the Rondo Leaflet review now! 🙂

2 thoughts on “May 2011 Eroge Releases!

  1. Umm, nah Promia has nothing to do with RPG. It’s just a reading game without any gameplay about a guy getting his memories back and finding out why is that chibi like thing (who’s actually a reincarnation of the world’s god as you find out quite soon) is attached to him, then trying to save this fantasy world against the characters conspiring in this.
    It’s pretty good game actually, kinda makes me sad seeing your dismissing comments on the grounds that it’s a standard RPG. Also the artwork is partially done by the Swan Song / Trample on Schatten / Carnival guy who’s pretty great if you like the different designs he uses in those games (I know I do), and thus it has quite a few pretty nice cgs (like ) .

    • Sorry that I made the game sound generic but it is quite hard to write very detailed things about them when they haven’t been released yet. I also didn’t realise that there was no real gameplay at the time of writing this. I don’t know about the artwork but there’s just something there that doesn’t “click” with me at all. Although, i’ll admit that the screenshot you posted is pretty nice.
      If the game’s pretty good then i think that i’ll try it when i finish some other games on my list.

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