Vanitas no Hitsuji Review

This was so disappointing, since it was so good at the start!

Game Information

Original Title: ヴァニタスの羊

Release Date: 22nd April 2011

Producing Company: RococoWorks

Scenario Writer: J-MENT

Artist: Fue


In a world where some people have magic abilities, Claude Baton is a young boy who travels around with the man who he calls father – Eliphas, who has the ability to create illusions. Eventually they arrive in a town called Engelbourg and while he’s getting his bearings, he notices a young girl being hiding from some strange men. Claude saves her by using his “color magic” to make her invisible inside the barrel she was hiding in.  It turns out that the girl is named Therese and she lives with her mother Alma. Due to a series of events, Therese and Claude leave Engelbourg together. After a number of years, they return to find out about what happened in the past…

The story sounds really interesting – and it honestly was – until the character routes. The routes themselves are missing so much it’s pretty crazy. Essentially, scenes that should take about 30 minutes take under 5 to read through and whole scenes are actually missing. This is a real shame since the writer used so much fore-boding in the first part and the atmosphere of Engelbourg was created beautifully.


Claude Baton

Claude is the protagonist of this game and possesses “color magic” which allows him to change the color of objects and people. He’s a very likable person and cares very deeply about Therese.

Claude was a very likable protagonist, and he was pretty cute too.

Therese Conrad

Therese is the girl that Claude meets when he first comes to Engelbourg and she is from a rich family. Therese possesses the power to hear the thoughts of others who are near her. However, as a result of this power, she is no longer able to speak and uses a bell to communicate with people. She has a very sweet personality and does get on well with other people.

Therese was really cute (especially as a child), although it was really sad that she couldn’t talk (although with an add-on disk, her thoughts would be voiced when you played from her perspective).

Frauen Bulow

Frauen is a strange girl who Claude meets while he’s walking, she’s from an aristocratic family and so is an ojou-sama. She has the ability to create little black dolls (called Kuro) who do her bidding.The 10th kuro created is actually white (and is called Shiro). Since her big brother, Vincent, normally likes her to stay in her room, she’s not very knowledgeable about the world.

Frauen was such a cute heroine – but the climax of her route was actually cut out xD

Liane Jacotey

Liane is a prostitute and dancer in an inn which Claude frequently goes to. She’s a bright and energetic girls who’s very friendly to everyone. She’s not a native of Engelbourg and actually moved there with the innkeeper 2 years earlier. Even though she doesn’t have a power, she’s very skilled at knife throwing.

Liane was quite cute and innocent – until i realised that she was a prostitute. Her route was pretty weird and was (as usual) missing most of its explanation.

Brigitte Auber

Brigitte is a nun for the cathedral in Engelbourg and has lived there all her life. However, people believe that she’s a Shinigami so they clear the streets when she leaves the church. As such, she appears quite cold but once you get to know her, she’s a very sweet and kind girl who just wants a friend. She also loves gardening.

Brigitte herself was pretty interesting and had a lot of potential, however, her route was stupid and it was just so weird.


The artwork by Fue is really the best thing in this game – i really loved the style and the proportions were really wonderful. The background art was also of a very high quality and really helped to create the setting. There was also enough character sprites and CGs. I really could not have asked for more here.


Song: Angelic Destiny by Sakakibara Yui

I really really liked the opening song to this game and i’d say that it’s one of my all-time favourites, however i didn’t like the ending song at all. The BGM was nice and created a good atmosphere but there were very few tracks which were actually memorable. The voice acting was also pretty good and i really liked the fact that Claude was voiced.


First, i must say that the game was quite an odd resolution (1024 x 768) and that it seemed to be a little glitchy on my computer – which was pretty annoying. I also didn’t like the color of the text that much and the transparency of the text box sometimes made it a little hard to read. I also don’t get why there’s a palette on the text box – considering art isn’t mentioned in the game. On a side note, the title screen had character artwork (which i liked). The scene recollection was also well-organised (although the cgs were not).


Story: 8
Characters: 10.5
Artwork: 20
Music: 17
System: 14

Total: 69.5

Final Thoughts

To be honest, this game is the most disappointing i’ve ever played and i just wish that rococoworks had enough time and money to finish this game since it really had the potential to be one of the best games this year. Overall, i wouldn’t recommend this but if you want to play it then only read through Therese’s route since it was the least disappointing. This hasn’t put me of other J-MENT games though – since i can tell that he’s capable of writing amazing stuff.

The next review will be Siesta’s 2007 music themed eroge Arpeggio~

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