Lover Able Review

Game Information

Original Title: ラブラブル~Lover Able~

Release Date: 25th Febuary 2011

Producing Company: SMEE (sister company of Hooksoft)

Scenario Writers: 早瀬ゆう、雪仁

Artists: ひなたもも、あめとゆき、らっこ(sub character art)


Haruki and his imouto Kaho have just moved to a new city due to their parents’ work. They are told that they are to stay in an apartment owned by their uncle and in return, they will work part time at his cafe – called Fruitia. On his first day in this new city he bumps into another transfer student Chinatsu (it later turns out that she’s in the same class as him). He also meets quiet classmate Satsuki, his genki and outgoing kouhai Tsugumi and mature Nanako (who also works at fruitia). With all of these cute girls around him – will Haruki manage to find love this summer?

The story sounds quite generic, and i suppose that it is in a way. However, this game is really funny and also has lots of sweet moments. Loverable is divided into chapters (5 for the common route and then up to 13 for the character routes). This is a similar system to hooksoft games and i feel that it works really well for chara-ge since the common route lets you get to know the heroines so the character routes can get straight to the romance. That’s another thing i liked actually – in a lot of games, the confession scene is quite far into the route. However, in Loverable, the confessions are all done in the first couple of chapters. There wasn’t much drama in the game since the main focus was the growing love between the protagonist and the chosen girl. However, i felt that there was some nice touches of drama in Nanako’s route especially. My only problem with the game was that Satsuki’s route was much shorter than everyone else’s!


Kotomiya Chinatsu

Chinatsu is the transfer student whom Haruki meets when he first arrives. She’s an outgoing and sweet girl who’s always smiling. She gets on well with everyone and quickly becomes popular at school. She has a little sister called Mifuyu and gets really jealous when she’s around Haruki!

I ended up liking Chinatsu much more than i thought, although her jealous side is the best! 🙂

Aizawa Kaho

Kaho is Haruki’s blood related imouto who lives in their uncle’s apartment with him. She’s a good imouto and always wakes him up. However, she doesn’t go to the same school as him. She gets on well with everyone, especially Tsugumi and Mifuyu. She likes to cause mishchief and loves her big brother a lot.

Kaho is the perfect imouto – loving, caring and kind! I liked her better with twintails though xD

Himeno Tsugumi

Tsugumi is Haruki’s kouhai whom he meets when he walks in on her changing. She’s an energetic girl although she also is quite clumsy and so Haruki ends up helping her out a lot at work. She’s also very good at domestic tasks.

Tsugumi is also adorable! How can anyone resist her charms?

Saegusa Nanako

Nanako is another part-timer at fruitia, although her dream would be to own her own cafe since she’s very good at cooking. She acts as the big sister of the group and gets on well with everyone, although she does have a childish side. She’s also completely petrified of insects (especially coachroaches!). She also lives in the same apartment building as Haruki and Kaho.

Surprisingly, i actually liked Nanako. Her route was very cute (as well as having some releavant drama) and highlighted both her mature and childish sides.

Yanase Satsuki

Satsuki is a mysterious classmate of Haruki’s, she’s not very good at technology and gets a mobile phone for the first time during the common route (Haruki has to help her work it at first). She also has a pet micro pig.

Satsuki was my favourite character in the game (although it was a close call between her, Kaho and Tsugumi), she takes dere to a new level of sweetness and her moe levels were almost too much for me to handle. Why did she get a much shorter route?! Especially since she won the character poll!


The artwork was very cute and colourful (which suited this type of game particularly well). However, some of the artwork looked a little “off”. Some cgs are really great though. The sub characters were also drawn in a completely different style xD

The BG art was nice although nothing special. There was also a lot of cgs, although Satsuki had the least. There were about even numbers of normal cg and HCG (although this depended on the heroine since each character had between 3-5 scenes).


Song: Crazy for you – Chata

The opening song is cute (like the rest of this game) and i really quite like it. Chata can sing no bad songs! The rest of the BGM was pretty nice and i really liked most of the tracks (although there were a few that were forgettable). Ther characters were voice really well too and everyone had a super cute and fitting voice!


Most of the system is pretty standard (i quite like that blue colour though – it reminds me of summer). The cg viewer was similar to that of Hook’s Sakura Bitmap and meant that the cgs were really well organised.

The most exciting thing about this game’s system was the customisation options for the girls. You got to choose their hairstyles, casual clothes and texting mannerisms. I thought that this was pretty fun and allowed the girls to become even more moe (if that’s even possible) without changing their personalities. I personally didn’t change any of the hairstyles but changed pretty much everyone’s casual clothes (Satsuk’s gothic dress was super moe!).


Story: 15
Characters: 20
Artwork: 14
Music: 18
System: 20

Total: 89

Final Thoughts

I believe that Lover Able is perhpas the greatest moe-ge in existence! It combines the 3 most important things for moe-ge perfectly – Romance, Cute characters & comedy. This is definitely a very very enjoyable read and is something that i would recommend to any fan of games with a lot of romance! SMEE definitely deserved the great sales that this game got and i can’t wait to see what other wonderfully romantic games they’ll produce!

I could probably describe this game in 1 word : Cute

15 thoughts on “Lover Able Review

  1. I’m glad you liked Lover Able XD. I also loved this game. So much ichaicha, so much cuteness, so much laughter and the list goes on ^^. Surprisingly the ratings on VNDB for it are pretty average.

    One of the few games where I liked all the heroines. I can’t even say which one I liked the most because they’re so evenly matched XD. I was disappointed that there was no Mifuyu route though >_> I was also sad to hear that the seiyuu for Satsuki changed in Dousei Lover Able T_T

    • I can’t believe people gave it a 6 on VNDB actually, it definitely deserves more than that!
      Yeah, the lack of a Mifuyu route made me sad, although i would feel bad for Chinatsu if she did get one.:( The teacher should have gotten a route too though. Surprisingly, the new seiyuu for Satsuki did sound very similar to her old one, and she definitely did a really great job too (so i didn’t mind too much). It’s just a shame that her original seiyuu has stopped working.

      • After giving the sound clips on the website a hear, I’ll agree. The new seiyuu for Satsuki definitely has the same feel as the old one, which is great ^^. I’ll be playing Dousei Lover Able VERY soon XD

  2. Moe-ge at it’s purest form! Agreed, Satsuki is simply the best of the heroines though, it’s hard to choose since they all have their own charms! I felt somewhat disappointed when I heard Satsuki’s VA was changed for the fandisk, though.

    • Agreed! It’s very unusual for a game to have heroines who all have lots of charm (usually one or two aren’t as charming in my opinion).
      Her new seiyuu is still pretty cute though

  3. Now, I feel it necessary to play Satsuki’s route as it’s the only route I haven’t tried yet. Her first impression was kinda “strange” as I didn’t know in which “category” I should put her *lol*. That’s why I didn’t try her route so far.
    Overall: Lover Able has been a very cute game where the lovey-dovey moments are clearly the central part instead of a deep “emo”-drama story. And that’s the reason I liked the VN very much. Compared to hooksoft’s Strawberry Naugts for example, I thought that Lover Able’s main lead was better. I’m aware that most main prota’s have the annoying trait of being oblivious towards girl x affection, but in Haruki’s case it wasn’t shown in a too blatant facepalming way :D.
    Tsugumi was too cute to resist and Chinatsu was overall nice, especially her ending. The mild drama towards the end of Nanako’s route was done very nicely when Haruki pwned the mother and the marriage-candidate verbally. Quite satisfying!
    Though I never utilized the appearance-change feature when the choice-selection had come up.

    • How could you miss out Satsuki’s route?
      Yeah, it’s nice to see a game where there’s not any completely over the top drama and a protagonist who acknowledges his feelings early on in the game.:)
      I somehow got put off Strawberry Nauts during the common route, where the character routes any good?

      • Most character routes in Strawaberry Nauts were lovely and cute post-confession. Before that moment, which happens mostly around chapter 5 ~ 7 on the routes, the main remains oblivious, but gets a few nice moments. You get some form of mini-drama towards the end for everyone except Izuki (her drama occurs and gets resolved pre-confession). Post-confession you can expect mostly fluffy + lovey-dovey moments. Houmi is a personal favorite, while Izumi’s route was done quite well for me (as an easy-to-satisfy-VN reader). Still, ignoring everything post-confession, the main lead felt more annoying despite having the same main traits of similar games: good at cooking, nice to everyone, oblivious to all love-related matters.

  4. Ok, you guys and girls go fight over Satsuki. I’ll have Kaho please, thank you.

    And I agree, the teacher deserved a route. The teacher may as well be my second favorite character if she gets a route.

      • I don’t know, Tsugumi somehow managed to bore me with her perfect housewife character in the FD so that I got sidetracked by Gakuou midway in her route. Hence, I’ll have to regrettably put her in third place behind Kaho and the teacher.

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