Nekonade Distortion Review

Nekonade Distortion was released on the 25th of Febuary 2011 and was the second game released by Whitesoft. It has a fandisc that was released last month but i haven’t convinced myself to play it yet.


Ever since his imouto Kotoko died, Tatsuki has been pretty depressed. He hardly speaks to his family, skips school in favor of wandering around the park and doesn’t pay much attention to his childhood friend. The only “person” he really spends time with is his pet cat called Gizumo. One day, he walks into Kotoko’s room to find her alive and sitting on her bed, as if nothing had happened.  The next morning, his parents were a lot younger and his cat had turned into a girl.

Oh my, the story in this game was ridiculous. Seriously, i know that Aedes and Algester warned me about this game but i didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. Simply put:

  • Gizumo’s route made the most “sense”, although it was still stupid
  • Yuzu’s route was pretty confusing and was like “you have to choose between me and your family”, i didn’t like it.
  • Shikiko’s route was ridiculous (I mean, what was up with all those plants?!)
  • To this day, i still have no idea what-so-ever about what even happened in Yui’s route
  • Kotoko’s route was meant to be the true ending but most of it confused me anyways. I was way past caring by this point though. xD



Kotoko’s generally a quiet and thoughtful girl who seems to spend most of her life reading books in her room. She’s pretty mysterious as well and holds the key to most of the mysteries in the game.

I just couldn’t like Kotoko at all, she bored me for some reason (which is super surprising considering that she’s an imouto and all) but i just didn’t like her. You can’t unlock her route until you complete all the other routes in the game (or you could be lazy and get a savedata).


Shikiko is Tatsuki’s mother.Seriously. She’s a kind-hearted girl who tries to look after her family, she also loves plants and is very green fingered (and by this i mean her entire room is covered in plants!).

Shikiko makes me feel so ridiculously guilty. I mean she’s adorable but i cannot get over the fact that she’s the protagonist’s mother. It’s.Just.Wrong.


Yui is Tatsuki’s older sister. She tended to ignore him in favor of talking to her friends before the world was screwed up. She then turns into a slightly doting big sister. She’s quite mysterious at times too.

I really don’t like Yui. She’s annoying and her route was drivel. I suppose it doesn’t help that her cgs are awful as well.


Tatsuki’s pet cat.Yes, pet cat. Even though she has the appearance of a girl, she still behaves like a cat (e.g. sleeps a lot, says “nya” a lot, goes into heat, ect). She also doesn’t speak much at the start. Some of the other characters are quite cold to her though.

Gizumo is mine! She’s so adorably cute all the time that it’s ridiculous. Even though she’s a cat, i’m past caring. I just wanted to hug her for most of the game. I wasn’t 100% sure on her ending though, it seemed a little off. As well as the fact that this route wasn’t really romantic (especially compared with the rest of the routes).


Yuzu is Tatsuki’s childhood friend. She’s pretty weird and comes into his room through the window and such. She also makes him food occasionally.

I normally like childhood friends but Yuzu was too strange. She appeared and disappeared far too randomly for my liking. Her route is annoying too.


The artwork in this game can be described with the phrase “The good, the bad and the ugly.”

The Good (aka ミヤスリサ)

This artist was by FAR the best of the lot. The art was super cute and mostly well proportioned. If only the rest of the art was of this quality. This artist worked on the cgs for Shikiko and Gizumo.

The Bad-ly Proportioned (aka 月音)

I can’t get my eyes off the disgusting proportions that this artist uses. It’s a shame because i like the shading used. This artist worked on the art for Yuzu and Yui.

The Ugly (aka みやま零)

For some reason, all of this artist’s cgs just look awful. I’m really disappointed since i’ve seen some of this artists other stuff and the art in Oresama no Ragnarock (the last game that the artist worked on before this) looked about 100x better. This artist only illustrated Kotoko (thankfully).


Song: Bullshit!! Hard problem!! – Outer

I must say that i actually like the opening song. It’s definitely unique for one thing. The music was definitely one of the good things about the game and i really liked all the piano pieces. Most of the BGM was pretty relaxing and it was very nice. The seiyuu were all good too, i especially liked Shikiko’s and Gizumo’s voice actresses – they both sounded so cute!


The system was really pretty snazzy and used a floating textbox that changed colour depending on who was speaking. I believe Little Rabbits had this system too. I really liked this system as it made the game *slightly* more fun to read. The rest of the system was nice but pretty standard. More companies should use textboxes like this though.


Story: 7
Characters: 12
Artwork: 10
Music: 18
System: 20

Total: 67

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, this game is awful and should be avoided at all costs unless, of course, you’re on a suicide mission. The only reason that i gave the story anything at all was because how amusing the common route is. Seriously, this game is so bad, it makes Natsuyuki and Yomehapi look great!  Yeah, the only reasons for playing this game are the music and Gizumo. So, on that note i shall leave you with some moe pictures of Gizumo and Shikiko (just to point out that there was some cute artwork in the game).

P.S. Oh look, it’s the full version of Wondering Truth! Go and listen now!

11 thoughts on “Nekonade Distortion Review

  1. You probably saw this coming miles away, but, I told you so. 😀

    Like you, I can’t find anything good about this game besides Gizumo and the music. Maybe the system too, but I usually don’t pay much attention to that kind of stuff.

    By the way, I’m NOT thankful Kotoko, the only imouto in this game, had such an awful artist. 😛

  2. All the comments on this game (mostly bad) make me very curious on WTF happens.
    Also, how does your scoring work? In 1-100 scale, for me 67 would be pretty decent.

  3. Miyama Zero also made the character designs for Highschool DxD LN by far its his best… and designed Kotoko its just who made the coloring was awful… speaking of the good artist he/she made Gizumo and Shikiko MUSIC IS BEST IMHO… but the art in general and the story is IFFY… AND GIZUMO HAS THE MOST NORMAL ROUTE AND ART… and it actually made sense… AND GIZUMO IS ALSO MINE!!!

  4. PLUS WHY AGONIZE YOURSELF I TOLD EVERYONE IN TWITTER RERAIN FROM THIS PIECE OF SHIT… ohh and GIZUMO IS FINE… just I’ll prolly play the expansion just for her… yeah… IF that IS… then again A CAT IS FINE TOO

  5. Hey man Miyama Zero is awesome he just wasn’t really trying for most of the CGs in Nekonade because it sucks. Kotoko’s tachi-e is fine yo. Check out that eyeshadow

    That said yeah this is a fucking awful game, don’t play it. Yui’s route is probably to this day the most ridiculous (in a bad way) thing I’ve seen in an eroge

    Also I kinda laughed my fucking ass off when they brought up Wittgenstein, someone wants to be Subahibi really fucking badly (also go play Subahibi if you haven’t because it is awesome unlike this piece of crap)

  6. Welcome back XD

    I was actually tempted to play this at one point. But after reading this, looks like it’s a safe bet to take this off my backlog…and my harddrive =3

  7. It’s funny that after all this time we ge a review of a bad game.

    You have a route for your mother and for your cat? That’s some serious stuff.

    I was curious what would I find in this game so I wanted to check it out. After a consideration, I think I will make another go for something else 🙂

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