LovelyxCation 2 Review

So, after a long hiatus, i’ve decided to come back and review this sequel to one of my favourite games of 2011 – LovelyxCation. Did it live up to my expectations? No.


Game Information

Alternative Title: ラブリケーション2

Release Date: 26th April 2013

Producing Company: Hibiki Works (Needs a proxy to visit if you live outside of Japan)

Scenario Writer: insider

Artist:   唯々月たすく


Our story starts with our protagonist moving to a new town for the start of his second year of high school. One day, he comes across a shrine where an old man tells him to find the love of his life or the rest of his life is going to suck. However, our protagonist is just a little shy. Will he be able to get himself a girlfriend.

Right, basically there is no real plot to this game. It’s pretty much all about enjoying spending time with the girl you choose. There’s a little (half-hearted) drama in Seine’s route but apart from that it’s plain sailing~ I couldn’t decide if i liked that or not though, i mean, at least the original game tried to have some kind of story. I suppose this could be relaxing but when the girl herself isn’t very interesting (in the case of Seine) then the whole route just becomes a drag. The reason i haven’t been playing any eroge lately is because nothing was interesting me and i hate to admit but this didn’t really either. Seine’s route is a write off in my opinion.

The romance was quite well done in the other 3 routes though, although i felt that the H-scenes were pretty rushed in Hime’s route. Izumi’s route was my favourite by far, it was super cute and really exceeded my expectations. Hinata’s route was quite cute too and her and the protagonist’s interactions were particularly nice. So basically, if you’re looking for a moe love story then play this but don’t expect a particularly deep story.


Narukawa Hime


Hime is a cheerful girl from the protagonist’s class. She’s pretty popular and gets on well with everybody. She works part time in the beachside restraunt called Jellyfish. Her hobbies include listening to music and playing games.

I really liked Hime, she reminded me of Yuuki from the first game and most of her route was nice. However, i will complain that her confession scene was a bit of a trainwreck, I mean, what was going on in the protagonist’s head?!

Nirasaki Hinata

ImageHinata lives with her father in the same apartment block as the protagonist. She’s an energetic girl and loves running, in fact, she’s the star of the track club at school. She’s a pretty good cook too since she normally has to cook for herself since her father works long hours.

Hinata was probably the outright cutest heroine, with her adorable voice and cute route, i definitely liked her a lot by the end of the game~ I also liked how you got the option for her to call you “Onii-chan” (i totally picked that 😉 ).

Yoshinoya Seine


Seine is a very quiet girl who’s in her second year of high school. She loves pets and can usually be found with the cat that seems to live at the school. She also loves drama but is unable to show any emotions so normally practices by herself.

Sorry but i really didn’t like Seine’s character. I just don’t understand her lack of emotion at all. I mean she manages to show enough emotion in H scenes but can’t smile for the protagonist when they go out on a date?! What’s wrong with this girl? Oh yes, there was also some half-hearted drama about her parents but i gave up caring by this point. There’s also a bad end for her (well i say bad but what i mean is that it just isn’t the proper true ending).

Wakoto Izumi


 Izumi is a 3rd year student at high school and is extremely popular since she’s always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help. She’s also the miko at the local shrine and she also lives there. Her hobbies include reading and listening to classical music.

I don’t know what i was expecting from Izumi’s route but it certainly exceeded my expectations. It was the only route where i felt the romance was well paced and the characters seemed to go out on more dates than with the other heroines. I also found Izumi to be surprisingly cute.



As expected, the artwork really is one of the main selling points for this game. It’s absolutely beautiful and most of the proportions are very well done too. This has got a slightly different shading style compared with the original and i couldn’t decide which i preferred but anyways, if you like pretty artwork then this game shouldn’t disappoint. There were also a lot of CGs and a fair amount of character sprites. My one complaint is that there were no sprites for the sub characters.



Song: Call to me, Call for you -Satou Hiromi

I must admit that i do like the opening song, even if it isn’t as good as “Wondering Truth”. One thing that liked more about this game though was the fact that there was a different ending song. This one was called “Pure Blossom” and there was a different version (sung by the voice actors) for each heroine. I thought this was quite a nice touch. There was a fair amount of BGM too and i liked most of the tracks, even if they weren’t anything special.


Map Movement


As with the original game, you have to visit places in town to raise your basic stats and the heroine’s all like different things. The picture above is on a Saturday so the flea market is there, you can get some event items there. Depending on your stats, you also unlock more items. A lot of the items were obvious parodies and were actually pretty funny (e.g. Suzumiya Hahiru figurines).

Protagonist Setup


Basically you get to choose everything about the proatonist, from their name, birthday, likes, hobbies and blood type to even the way they refer to themself (i’ve always prefered “Boku”).

Game Modes


You choose this at the start of each new game. Basically if you just want to enjoy the romance with heroines (like me) then go for easy mode and if you like a bit of a challenge and you enjoy adventure games then you should choose normal mode. I went for easy in all the routes xD



This basically shows each of your stat levels in each of the categories. A girl will appear at the side if you are on her route and there are hearts if you’re close to the confession scene or past it.

Lovely Call


It’s back! That lovely system where you get to choose what the heroines call you and this time, they even say your generic last name as long as you don’t change it! I went for different names for each heroine and had lots of fun choosing which name sounded cutest for them. My only complaint is that i couldn’t find a name like “Hibi” or even “Hibiki”. I also think the name calling sounds less awkward now that originally did so that’s also good.

Walking With You


Basically, i have no idea what the offical name for this is. At certain points of the game, this system will come into play and it will change from a normal textbox and sprite to this side on view of the heroine and you walking together to school or through town, ect. This part of the game is also animated and i would say it generally looks very nice and is something quite different to what you would see in most games. I actually quite liked this a lot and it was better than just the usual walking to school scenes in eroge. I thought the animation was pretty decent too. Hinata looked the best though.



The textbox was nice and simple and it actually changed colour depending on the route you were on, which i thought was a nice touch. I’m also going to mention the other animation here since i don’t know where else to put it. A lot of the backgrounds and cgs had some animation, e.g. there are butterflies floating about near the river, cherry blossom petals outside the school, sunlight effects on some cgs and the sea also ripples. It was pretty snazzy overall.



There was a load of things that you could change in this game and the config screen made me a little nervous to be honest. All i did was change my text speen up to the highest (which still wasn’t instant >.<) and left it at that.



There were a lot of save spaces although i hardly used any. I liked how there were SD images of the characters when you were on their route. Actually, i wish there were some actual SD cgs since the art there was really cute!



In all the routes, you are able to have conversations with the heroine through mail. Some of the texts were really cute and funny. More games need to include this.


Story: 10
Characters: 13
Artwork: 19
Music: 15
System: 20

Total: 77


Overall, i have to say that some of the routes were quite fun to play in this game and the system was an obvious step up from the original, however, if you’re looking for something with a good story then don’t bother with this. I’m also going to have to say that the original game was better. I wonder if there will be a LovelyxCation3?

P.S. Oh look, i caught a Sonico


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