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7 thoughts on “VN List

  1. Eh, I’ve got a question…Do you know where i can download ”Gakuen Tokkyuu Hotokenser”? I’d like to play it. 🙂

  2. Hi Liemyx!

    I’ve been following your blog for quite some time~ :3
    Thank you for your wonderful effort in sparing some time to wrote all this helpful reviews, which I find very helpful in buying VNs.

    I’m just wondering, will you do Aiyoku no Eustia?
    I heard it was very well-written. But one thing which slightly put me off is the plentiful ero scenes as I’m quite picky in choosing VNs.
    I generally avoid any chara-ge which main focus is to promote ero-scene, and often leave storyline to take the backseat or just… none-existent.

    If you ever going to play that game, I will really appreciate it if you can conclude whether the story is more plot-driven or… ero-driven lol. As I’m still living with my parents, I mean… I definitely don’t want anyone to find me playing games where nude girls runs around. *laughs*

    Sincerely, Link.

    • Aww, your welcome. I’m gald my reviews are helpful ^^

      Aiyoku no Eustia is definitely an eroge that i want to get around to playing quite soon. Judging by the company’s previous games, i doubt that Aiyoku no Eustia would be more ero focused but i’m sure it’ll be easy to tell when i actually get around to playing it xD
      True, that would be pretty akward 😛

      • Thank you for your feedback. I am very sorry, it took me quite few days to reply to your comment. ^_^

        Yes, even the seiyuu cast are stellar and the bg music is wonderful.
        I wonder if this is too much to ask, but would you mind listing the number of ero-scenes in the game that you played? I believe it would help buyers to pick up a quality novel more to their taste.

        Just my two cents, though. 😀

      • I just realised that i don’t really mention ero scene numbers unless i find there to be something unusual about them. I’ll start to include it from now on, thank you for the suggestion ^^

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