What’s this?! An Actual Post?!

Yeah, so i ran away last month and most of this month but i’m back now, and expect lots of exciting reviews and such. However, i didn’t really play any visual novels while i was on my break – with the exceptions of Tsukumonotsuki and Starry Sky~After Winter~.

Tsukumonotsuki was a really interesting game actually and it exceeded my expectations a little. Although, to be fair, i was only playing it for Maya and Tsukumo. I also only played their routes since they were both so cute and were involved in the main story of the game. I meant to play the Miko’s route too but that never happened. It’s a good game for fans of mystery stories and fans of imoutos. The artwork was really cute too.

Starry Sky~After Winter~ was better than i was expecting (after the disaster that was After Autumn) but it was nowhere near as good as the other fandiscs. I can’t forgive honeybee for most of Tsubasa’s route – where i ended up rage-quitting the game in tears, although it wasn’t as bad as Azusa’s story in After Summer. Basically, it wasn’t as good as it could have been but it was still better than After Autumn. A bittersweet way to end an enjoyable series (emphasis on the bitter part).

Most of the stuff i’m going to talk about is upcoming releases though since there have loads and loads of really great looking games announced since i’ve been away 🙂

××× na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Himitsu no Houhou

It’s basically about some country “otaku club” where fans of anime and manga gather. However, since it’s in the country the magazines arrive late and there’s not very many tv channels to watch. This means that they generally just help out around town and talk about anime occasionally. Due to this, they get called the “Cat’s hand club”. One day, a cute girl called Riko from the city transfers to their school in the country with her cross-dressing butler. She ends up joining the otaku club. Since it’s so unusual for people to transfer to this school, everyone fusses over her. With summer and the town’s annual festival approaching, what will happen to the club now?

Who cares about the story when you have such moe characters? Riko and Hotaro are my favourites, although Mai and Hibiki are also pretty cute! It’s unusual to see a reverse trap actually. The artwork is really cute, and the scenario writer also wrote HapiSama, which was supposedly a decent chara-ge. It looks like the perfect game to enjoy in summer.


Koiiro Marriage

After the protagonist works in his family’s inn, he was promised a bride. He originally thought it was a joke but when a black-haired girl turned up at his door, he realised that he was told the truth. However, even though she’s cute,the protagonist doesn’t want to be forced into a marriage and wants to experience proper love. Basically, they’re going to try to experience love and marriage.

This is another one to play for the godly artwork. It certainly sounds slightly more interesting than marmalade’s previous game (Love 2 Quad) and the characters are all pretty cute. I wouldn’t hold out much for the story but i’m still looking forward to it a lot! Those SDs are so adorable!!!!

Hanairo Heptagram

Finally! We were promised a game with Fumitake’s godly artwork ages ago! This game looks like a more relaxed version of Tayutama (the last Lump Of Sugar game i actually enjoyed) but all the characters are super moe. I love the fact that they’ve added in “Raviel” – essentially a white version of Azu but with wings! This is definitely one of my most highly anticipated titles of the year, even though the scenario writers worked on super boring Diamic Days. Miyuri and Izuki are my favourites!




P.S. Those SDs are so ridiculously cute!


Pretty much “Sugirly Wish2” by the looks of it. I actually liked Shushu though so i hope i’ll like this. Aino looks like a longer-haired version of Hina, actually. Hami is super cute too (it’s hard to resist those twintails). It’s pretty much 2 of Sugirly wish’s scenario writers plus one of the writers from BL-eroge “Steal”. This could be interesting. Since this is hook, i’m expecting another pure love story with plenty of character development. I still need to finish Strawberry Nauts.


Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai

So after the boring game that was Hotchkiss, and the disaster that was Material Brave, Giga’s new project looks like it could be a good chara-ge. The scenario writer wrote Sakura Bitmap and Loverable (two of my favourite chara-ges) so that means that this game shouldn’t be one of those all too-common giga landmines. I absolutely love the artwork style as well – it is a little reminiscent as that used in Haganai (which i suppose is intentional due to the title similarities as well). I think that all the girls are super moe, with Manami being my favourite. Can’t wait to hear more about this!





Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki

Not much has been released about this game, apart from what the main girl looks like. I’m so excited that Tsubasu Izumi will be working with Palette again since his artwork in Mashifoni was simply beautiful. The story could be interesting but it’ll probably be a high-class chara-ge since i’ve never heard of the scenario writer. Super excited to see the rest of the character designs for this 🙂

Well, somehow this post turned into me fangirling over some upcoming chara-ge/moe-ge. Very exciting stuff. At least the post was filled with bishoujos though!

6 thoughts on “What’s this?! An Actual Post?!

  1. Ahahahaha…. Hotchkiss Material brave… HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH…. I know I should’nt be laughing but…. Hotchkiss is good for people WHO LIKED AMAGAMI which sadly I’m not one of those people, as for material brave… I’ll not go into that territory I’m better of watching star driver and guilty crown for that matter

    • I never even watched Amagami – which would explain why i didn’t enjoy hotchkiss. And if guilty crown is better than Material Brave then i’m not going to finish it.ever. xD

  2. Welcome back May! You know, your typing format generates this certain voice in my head, it must be the talking style format or something.

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