Paying For Each Individual Route – The Future Of Visual Novels?

For once, this is actually a serious post. I’ve had this thought it my head for months, although with this trend continuing in some recently announced otome games, i think it’s time to consider this as a possible direction for visual novels to move in. Good Or Bad?

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May 2011 Eroge Releases!

Since most of my top eroges were delayed to June, i decided that i would do a post about all the eroges from May.  Since most of the May releases were delayed, there aren’t too many games coming out this month, although most seem to be of high quality and worth a play 🙂

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Hello there, my name is Liemyx and this will be my new blog.

I have decided to move my old blog over to wordpress so that it is easier to manage and post entries.

I will mainly be focusing on posting reviews for visual novels – both ero and all-ages as well as bishojo and otome types. I also hope to be able to do preview posts and perhaps post some interesting news.

My aim is to post once a week and hopefully i will be able to.

I have 2 reviews that i’m working on now – please look forward to them!