August 2011 Eroge Releases

Even though August isn’t as full of releases as the previous few months, there’s definitely a game for everyone. I’m sure alot of people (me included) will be waiting for Starry☆Sky ~After Autumn~ to see after stories for the characters in the original, RPG fans will be excited for Alicesoft’s new game Rance Quest, people who like chara-ge and moe-ge will definitely enjoy Diamic Days, Yuyukana and Love-bride Eve and even BL/Yaoi fans have Hadaka Shitsuji to satisfy them. The only people who are really missing out are Yuri fans although, at least the Katahane complete english patch will be out for them to enjoy.

Zecchou Spiral!! ~Geshukunin wa Wagamama Ecchi na Onna no Ko Bakari~

Release Date: 5th August

Producing Company: All-Time

Official Website

Touma is a pretty average guy who has recently had to move back to his hometown due to his mother’s death. He had moved into a dormitory only to find that there was a ghost of a girl in his room! It turns out that the ghost’s name is Ao and her regret in life is that she never lost her virginity to her boyfriend and asks Touma if he could grant her wish. Touma is shocked and actually thinks to himself that there is no way a ghost and a living person can have sex. However, Ao is not the only girl in the dorm – there’s also Haruna the dorm caretaker who tries to snuggle up in bed with him every night,Natsumi – the girl from the disciplinary comitee at school who loves to play eroge, Riko who is Touma’s classmate and also the author of ero manga and Fuuka – Touma’s kouhai who’s very playful and is very interested in ero things. Surrounded by all there perverse girls, what will happen to Touma now, and will he be able to grant Ao’s wish?

I find myself torn on this game – the art and characters are really cute but the plot sounds absolutely ridiculous. Maybe I’ll end up playing this after I finish some of my more wanted games of this month. The opening song is really catchy too – I absolutely love nao’s upbeat songs.

Starry☆Sky ~After Autumn~

Release Date:  5th August

Producing Company: Honeybee

Official Website

This is the fandisk to the original “Starry Sky~In Autumn~” continues after the normal ending in the original game. Tsukiko comes back to Seigetsu Gakuen after a number of years as a trainee teacher and meets up with the original gang – her old home-room teacher Naoshi, school doctor Kotarou and newly qualified teacher Iku. Now they enjoy life at school while Tsukiko is on her 3 month placement. Of course, this game will also have after stories for all 3 original main characters and i suspect that there will be endings for some of the sub-characters in the original game too.

Naoshi-sensei!!!!! >w< I simply cannot wait for this game to come out – it’s definitely my top pick for this month! I really enjoyed the original Autumn game and so i expect this to be just as good (if not better). My only complaint is that Iku is in the game since he’s just a creep. I’ve actually had this pre-ordered since i finished the original game. Also, the opening song is very nice.

Gakuen Tokkyu Hotokenser

Release Date: 6th August

Producing Comapny: Twofive

Official Website

Kureha has recently had to transfer schools due to her family moving and the first day that she arrives at her new school she is told that she has now been chosen to become “Hotokenser Red” – the leader of the “Hotokenser” who are a group of people with special powers who protect the school from the numerous demons that try to attack it. Along with Ryuuichi, Rikuto and Mitsuki she must defend the school to the best of her ability. A new hero story now starts!

I actually pre-ordered this game over a month ago and the game was meant to be released on the 28th of July, however, due to a very serious error which occurred during pressing of the game, it won’t actually run after it has been installed so it was delayed. This game is essentially the otome game version of power rangers but I’m definitely giving this a try as (if done properly) it could be quite a funny and enjoyable game.

Akikaze Personal +Ore to Boku to Kanojo no ○○+

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Lilac Soft

Official Website

Hideto appears to be an average guy who works in his parents liquor shop, however, five years ago, he developed a split personality with the other side of him being called “Shuuto”. Shuuto is the opposite to Hideto and is strong and cocky whereas Hideto is quite a reserved character. The only downside to having Shuuto is that he can’t remember anything past 5 years ago.  However, he spends his days quite happily with his group of friends. But one day, his childhood friend Nanami moves back after an interval of 5 years and realises that her friend isn’t the same as he was and gets suspicious. As Hideto’s second term at school starts, will he be able to keep his split personalities a secret?

This game actually did not interested me at all until I bothered to read the story of this game – i really want to know whether or not Hideto manages to keep his two selves a secret or if he’ll let slip and I also want to see Nanami’s reaction to her friend not really knowing her and what she’ll do about it. I’m not too big of a fan of the art in this game though but I’ll admit that Kaori looks pretty cute. However, there are so many other games that I want this month so I think this will have to be backlogged. The opening movie was very well done too.

D-EVE in you

Release Date: 26th August 22nd Spetmber

Producing Company: Twinkle

Official Website

Ren’s father is the owner of “Hiura Productions” – a talent company who used to produce lots of popular idols. However, lately, there have been no idols in the company so it is losing money. Recently, Houou Girls’ School (a school used exclusively for training idols) had opened and Hiura Productions managed to get involved when the principal of the school let them use a classroom for training. However, Ren’s father suddenly became ill and so he left it up to his son to train the group of 4 idols named D-EVE. With his limited knowledge and little experience, will Ren be able to make D-EVE a star idol group?

Oh god, i definitely hope not. The one thing i really must say about this game is that the art is ugly.Simple as. Seriously, even if you think their idol outfits are bad, just wait until you see the outfits that they train in – I was scarred for life! Despite the really adorable SD art, I refuse to try to play a game that I can’t look at so this is a definite pass for me.

Diamic Days

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Lump Of Sugar

Official Website

For Rei (the protagonist), his second year at school has started of pretty normally, however, one day he sees on a notice board that a new school has opened and that everyone has to move there. Rei thinks that this will be a bit of a waste of effort but decides to go anyways. This new school is unusual in the fact that it allows students to make many of the decisions in the school – effectively they get to control their own school life. The protagonist decides that he’s going to try his best for the school. What will happen to him now?

I actually made a preview for this game. Diamic Days is completely up my street – a school life romance with pretty art (even though I’m gutted that Moekibara Fumitake isn’t illustrating this gae, Sesena Yau’s art is still adorable) and cute characters! The opening song is definitely one of my favourites ever as well. I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced and so this is a definite play for me!!

Doushite Daite Kurenai no!? ~Onna no Ko Datte Yaritai no!~

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Chococo

Official Website

Haruto is a serial confessor – he has currently confessed to 665 girls and they have all rejected him. One day, a cute transfer student named Misuzu joins his class and Haruto confesses to her that day. But, instead of answering him, she simply asks him “What do you really want? A girlfriend?Love?Or simply sex?”. Haruto is really shocked at this question but replies “I want a girlfriend”.  Misuzu smiles at this answer and a blue light surrounds Haruto, Misuzu then says that she has given him to be popular with girls. The next day, Haruto gets confessed to by a girl he doesn’t know and soon lots of girls surround him – this makes him ecstatic and he even starts thinking that he could do ecchi things with them. However, Misuzu tells him that if he has sex then the magic will wear off and the girl who he had sex with will forget his existence. Love or Sex – which will Haruto choose?

So this is essentially an ero game where the idea is not to have sex – ironic, isn’t it? Even though, this game interests me quite a bit as i want to know if the reader gets to choose between love and sex at various points – I’d choose love every time! Anyways, the artwork is too cute for me to pass up this game as well.

Hadaka Shitsuji

Release Date: 26th August 16th September

Producing Company: Mada Koubou

Official Website

Tomoaki is your average university student, however one day he receives a strange flyer which said that there was an easy job which anyone could do and it was offering a 30,000 yen wage per day. So, Tomoaki went to the address on the flyer since he really needed to money.  The address actually led Tomoaki to a beautiful big house with lots of stewards. It turns out that the owner of the residence would be away so Tomoaki would have to act as head steward and keep everything under control in the owner’s absence. Tomoaki was also told that he needed to find a husband, and so he started his work as head steward, however being around all these butlers and trying to complete the almost impossible request from the boss has awakened his sadistic side. What will happen to him now?

Yes, this is actually a BL game but i felt like including it because footman is pretty cute. This title got me thinking that is this the kind of nukiges that girl’s are meant to play? o.o Actually, even though i’m not that into sadistic characters, i might play this for the lols.

Love Bride Eve

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Whitesoft

Official Website

Atsushi and Miyu live next door to each other and are childhood friends. They also give the impression and aura of a newly wed couple and their rabu rabu days continue normally. However, they both have a problem – they don’t know how to confess their feelings of love to each other since they find it too embarassing! This is a story set in summer – will Atsushi and Miyu be able to become a real couple and confess their feelings or will Atsushi fall in love with another girl?

I would actually say that this story appeals to me, although i think I’d feel a bit guilty about playing anyone’s route except for Miyu even though Riona and Natsume are both pretty cute too. I have a good feeling about his game so I’m going to try it out if I have time. I really did laugh at the website for this game as whitesoft were pretty proud that this game has 20 H-scenes. I suppose that sounds a lot but there are 6 characters which means that most characters will only have 3 or so anyways. Also, Natsuyuki had 13 H-scenes with 3 characters and Hatsukoi Time Capsule had 40 H-scenes with 5 characters xD.


Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Lime

Official Website

Yousuke has quite an average but happy life at school, however, one day his parents phone him and say that he will be moving at the end of the school term. He is quite disheartened but tries to keep happy. He wasn’t really looking forward to Valentine’s day since he wasn’t expecting to get anything. To his surprise, he is confessed to by two cute girls – quiet Risa and genki Haruna. He tells them that he would be moving soon but they both say that their feelings won’t change because of that. What starts now is an ecchi pure love story…

This game looks so cute and I like how the story is quite simple. Recently, I’ve been very disappointed by games whose scenario writers have tried to do too much and so the entire story goes down the drain. I’ll definitely be playing this to see if simple is really best. Besides, both Risa and Haruna are very cute. The opening movie is also very well done and is pretty interesting.

Mirai Nostolgia

Release Date: 26th August 22nd September

Producing Company: Purple Software

Official Website

Youichi lives a normal life with his childhood friends and is a normal guy except that he has some superhuman powers. His life is pretty average until a strange girl named Anna turns up and says that she has come from the future. Starting now, Youichi moves in with twins Nono and Hinano. What will happen to Youichi now and will he be able to solve the mystery around Anna?

The story for this game sounds pretty interesting too and the artwork is very nice too. I’ve heard that purple software have made a mix of good and bad games so if you’re feeling like giving them a chance then this is the game fr you this month. Personally, I don’t think I will this month but I will add the game to my backlog.

Mistake x Miscast

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Migonne

Official Website

Every once in a while, Itsuki had dreams about a girl named Suou-hime who was a lover of his in a past life. One morning in school, a transfer student called Rin was put into Itsuki’s class. She looked exactly like Suou-hime so Itsuki ran up to Rin and hugged her as he was really glad to see her again. However, Rin had no idea who Itsuki was so she was really embarrassed and said”W-why are you hugging me?!”. Itsuki was sad to see that boy-ish Rin was nothing like the cute Suou-hime. Is it just a coincidence or is Rin really the re-incarnation of Suou-hime, and if so, will she ever recognise Itsuki?

This game is the debut from Migonne and I would say that this game actually looks pretty cute and so is a good starting game. The characters are all cute and I want to play this game eventually but I think I might just put it on my backlog and wait for some other opinions first. You never know though, and a really cute opening movie could sway me to pre-order it. 😛

Noise ―voice of snow―

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Operatta

Official Website

This game is set in 2017, when there are two organisations fighting constantly over territory. The protagonist of the game, Mana, is an orphan who is from a family who has incredible power which can be unleashed through singing. However, Mana promised her elder brother (who moved away 10 years ago) that she would keep this power a secret. She was quite happy in the orphanage, and she turned 17 – which is the age where you must leave the orphanage, Mana had planned to go to the city in order to find her older brother again. However, the owner of the orphanage drugged her. Mana awoke in a strange camp where it turns out that she’s for sale as people with powers are worth quite a bit of money. While panicking, a strange man named Gilford turns up and buys Mana, he then takes her to a large house near the city and announces that she’s now a member of an organisation filled with other people with special abilities. What will the future hold for Mana at the organisation?

I’m not really sure about this game, the story actually sounds pretty interesting and the trial was pretty nice but none of the characters really interest me enough to bother playing their routes.

Pochi to Goshujinsama ♥

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Skyfish Poco

Official Website

Hiro has a childhood friend named Chiwa who was so close to him, it was as if they were brother and sister. However, instead of making a promise to get married in the future, they made a promise that Chiwa would be like a dog, with Hiro as her “master”. Chiwa leaves Japan to go to England with her mother but she makes a promise that she will return to Hiro one day. Time passes and Chiwa finds out that her mother will be marrying Hiro’s father. She panics and flies straight back to Japan as she’s worried that her and Hiro won’t be able to get married if they become true siblings. Instead, she agrees to become Hiro’s pet, as long as he is a kind and loving master. Like this, their pet and master relationship starts.

This game really looks quite sweet and innocent but it’s really filled with some really extreme H-scenes. Chiwa is so cute and I really want to play this but the H content has put me off sadly. I’m sure some people like games with denpa stuff like this though – sadly I’m not one of them . The opening movie and song are so nice as well!

Rance Quest

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Alicesoft

Official Website

This is the 8th game in the “Rance” series of RPG visual novels from Alicesoft. Basically, Rance has already conquered all of Japan (and all of its women) and that’s not enough for him so he decides to go to foreign countries as well because he just wants more girls to put in his harem. Let this game of beautiful women, treasure and war begin!

Personally, I’m not much of an RPG fan (since spending hours levelling up characters gets really boring for me), Rance sounds like a pretty funny protagonist. I’m sure the system will be pretty good though considering Alicesoft are a very well-known RPG maker.

Ren’ai Kateikyoushi Rurumi★Coordinate!

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Comapny: riffraff

Official Website

Ayuhisa is a hikkimori who refuses to leave his room, even though his imouto has tried to persuade him in the past. This means that he has also never had a girlfriend or has even been close to girls before! However, one day a girl named Rurumi who declares herself as a “private teacher of love” arrives at his door and says that she will make him more socially aware and even teach him about things such as fashion and girls. However, Rurumi’s rival Mana shows up with his imouto Shizuku and says that it will be her to teach Ayuhisa about life. There’s also Honoka – a girl who he had spoken to online and his childhood friend Chieri. Will Ayuhisa manage to stop being a Hikkimori?

I’m pretty interested in this game due to the cute artwork and very nice character designs, I also think that it’s pretty interesting to see how riffraff can improve on the original version of the game. The protagonist being a Hikkimori kind of reminds me of Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi although this should be much more light-hearted. The opening song is also very catchy.


Release Date: 26th August

Producing Company: Boot Up!

Official Website

Ever since his parents died recently, Shunsuke has had two people looking out for him – the kindly widow Ren who lives next door and his childhood friend who was more like a sister to him called Ai. However, as he’s gotten older, Shunsuke’s begun to think about marriage and his relationship starts to change with the two girls – they are now beginning to try to get their feelings of love across to him by making him lunch, inviting him on dates and trying to tempt him with ecchi things. However, since Ai and Ren are both very important to him, he finds it very hard to choose between them, even though he knows that he’ll have to make that choice someday. Which future will Shunsuke choose?

Again, this game interests me a little bit . However, the art in this game looks a little “off” – I’m not really sure what it is though. Maybe the shape of the eyes or something? I’ll try to play this if I have time. I also just noticed that Ai and Ren’s names mean love when you look at the Kanji – that’s pretty neat. The opening song is very nice too.

Yuyukana -Under the Starlight-

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Comapny: Nanawind

Official Website

The time of the star festival…A promise made with a young girl in a garden of sunflowers…

If you go under a large bridge in the centre of the city then you end up in Aoshima – a resort island where there are lots of trees and sunflowers, the sea is emerald-green and it is always summer. Akito lives on this island and has a happy school life at Aohi Gakuen with his bishoujo best friend who makes him lunch and his childhood friend who is the student council president who walks to school with him every day. However, on a seemingly average day, a new girl transfers to his class and runs up to and hugs Akito and says “I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time!”. However, Akito has no real idea of who she is apart from the fact that he faintly remembers something about sunflowers. Who is this girl and will Akito’s life go back to normal?

I’m pretty sure that the main appeal of this game is the adorable artwork and I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced because of this. However, since Nanawind are a new company then i think I’ll give them a chance to see if they can deliver on story too since there might be some kind of secret behind who the mysterious girl is. Definitely play this if you like cute games (chara-ge or moe-ge) and are looking for something light-hearted this month.

Zombie no Doukyuusei wa Princess -Fushibito Detective-

Release Date: 26th August

Producing Comapny: Abel Software

Official Website

Aruba and his classmate who was also his childhood friend were kidnapped and in the struggle to escape, he died. However, he has come back as a zombie in order to find the person who killed him! However, he has no idea where to start but one day he meets Ruuna – a girl claiming to be an immortal demon princess who agrees to help him find the murderer as long as he becomes her slave! He reluctantly agrees and they set up a school club in order to find villans and Ruuna will punish them with her mystic sword. Will the pair ever find out who murdered Aruba?

The set-up for this game seems pretty interesting but I am really wondering about why no one questions why Aruba is wandering around school when he’s supposed to be dead? Even though, I think I’ll give this game a chance since it does intrigue me and i generally like detective stories.

My top 6 for this month

  1. Starry☆Sky ~After Autumn~
  2. Gakuen Tokkyu Hotokenser
  3. Diamic Days
  4. Yuyukana -Under the Starlight-
  5. Love☆Kiss
  6. Zombie no Doukyuusei wa Princess -Fushibito Detective-

Well, that’s it for August 2011, I hope that you managed to find a new game to play next month~

5 thoughts on “August 2011 Eroge Releases

  1. Nice Post!

    I’m going to give Diamic Days a go.

    Not too many big titles coming out in August. I’m looking forward to September for its many many awesome games. The female-oriented games this month are all non-ero which left me surprised. you sure do play a lot of games though.

    • Thanks 🙂 And i’m glad you found a game thet interests you this month.
      Yeah, i think that Spetember has more big name titles and the fact that June and July did too makes August look a little pathetic. That surprised me too actually, but there’s so few PC otome games anyways (compared to either PC bishoujo games or PSP otome games) that i think there are more all-ages games compared to adult-only. I’ve just noticed myself that i really do play quite a lot of games. I suppose it helps that my top 2 come out a couple of weeks before everything else so i should have time to play them before the rest come out. I’ve also had quite a bit of free time lately so i’ve just been playing away xD

    • Well, i use Windows Vista but i went and checked the box of the other two and they say that they work on Windows 7 so if you have your settings on Japanese then i don’t see why they wouldn’t work ^^

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