Paying For Each Individual Route – The Future Of Visual Novels?

For once, this is actually a serious post. I’ve had this thought it my head for months, although with this trend continuing in some recently announced otome games, i think it’s time to consider this as a possible direction for visual novels to move in. Good Or Bad?

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Cafe Sourire Review

This game had such a wonderful atmosphere and coupled with stunning artwork, made this game very enjoyable.

Game Information

Original Title: CAFE SOURIRE(カフェ・スーリル)

Release Date: 24th June 2011

Producing Company: CUFFS

Scenario Writers: 秋月ひろ、大三元、群田真雪、志村那由多

Artist:  ☆画野朗、なつめえり、えれっと

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Arpeggio~Kimi Iro no Melody~ Review

So, i guess 2007 might not have been an amazing year for eroge overall…

Game Information

Original Title: あるぺじお~きみいろのメロディ~

Release Date: 26th January 2007

Producing Company: Siesta (subsidary of Etoiles)

Scenario Writers:  岡崎綾瀬,眼鏡友の会,E.C

Artists: ゆきうさぎ、雨音颯

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Yomehapi~You Make Happy~ Review

Well, i was definitely wrong about this~

Game Information

Original Title: よめはぴ~You Make Happy!~

Release Date: 22nd July 2011

Producing Company: Chien

Scenario Writers: 岩井七生, 神無月如月, ソウヨウ, 和端倫

Artists: 瑠奈璃亜, 有河サトル, 壱科八歌, 師走ほりお

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